The threat of terrorism on American soil has reached an all time high within the last couple of years. As a result of Obama’s weak policies, not only have terrorist groups like ISIS gotten stronger internationally, but they are also finding ways to resettle inside the United States and carry out attacks here.

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Within the past 2 weeks, we have experienced three terrorist attacks. A Muslim jihadi in Minnesota went on a stabbing spree the same weekend that a group of Muslims set off pressure cooker bombs in New York and New Jersey while pledging allegiance to ISIS.

It has been reported that another Islamic compound has been located on American soil. The story broke several months ago when InfoWars reporters Joe Biggs and Josh Owens discovered an Islamic compound hidden off in the woods, but the media still refuses to cover this story.

Their discovery obviously set off alarms because they were interrogated by New York Police after they started investigating Islamberg, a Muslim community in America.

Islamberg is located in the small town of Tompkins, Delaware County. As the video below will show, many have speculated that dozens of these Islamic compounds exist on American soil, and when these two reporters stumbled upon one, they confirmed our deepest fears.

They wanted to investigate reports of “unusual sounds of gunfire and explosions…emanating from the compound.” The two reporters were quickly stopped and interrogated. They were told by the security at the gate that they need proper credentials to enter the place.

Here is what they found:

As scary as this one video is, it only describes a single compound–there are more than 35 terrorist compounds that have been reported inside the United States. Federal agencies quite frequently keep information like this hidden, but many have exposed these secluded compounds and they are being forced to admit they exist.

These compounds are not “Islamic zones,” either. They are secret jihadi training camps. The video above clearly indicates that gun shots and explosions were frequently heard at this compound, and it is very possible the other 35+ located in this country are terrorist training camps, as well.

It is also scary to see that these camps are spread across about 15 states from sea-to-shining-sea. The Muslims of America, Inc. (MoA) are also known as Soldiers of Allah (SOA). These training camps are usually headed by head sheikhs that are comprised of the “most advanced training courses in Islamic military welfare.” Here is a map of the known jihadi terrorist compounds inside the United States:

Thanks To Obama, Terrorist Cells Are Everywhere, How Many Don’t We Know About?
With the southern border of the United States continuing to be weak and porous, it is very possible that ISIS has smuggled several jihadi’s into the country to join these compounds. It is also possible that there are hundreds of terrorists hidden within the 10,000+ refugees Obama has imported into this country, too. If 19 jihadists carried out 9/11, imagine what 100 or 1,000 could do to this country.

In Obama’s America, authorities are not allowed to search these compounds, let alone follow up on reports of suspicious activities. Much of the evidence of their very existence has been discovered by independent investigators, and is published on websites rather than in the mainstream media.

Even when the evidence is irrefutable, the mainstream media will not cover these stories. They brush them off as a conspiracy theory, but the facts of terrorism cannot be overlooked. Homegrown terrorism continues to rise under Obama. Whether it is San Bernardino, Orlando, NYC, New Jersey, Boston, Chattanooga, or anywhere else, the facts remains the same.

Terrorism in this country has risen dramatically, and our weak leaders continue to argue that “love and kindness” can defeat this threat instead of actually using military force.

Islam is not a religion of peace. This country, at the behest of Obama and Hillary, has experienced historical levels of political tyranny. They are simultaneously going to bring in more than 100,000 refugees annually while trying to take away our guns and limit our Second Amendment. What sense does that make?

The American people deserve to know the truth about the compounds before it is too late. We knew 9/11 was going to be carried out, and had we neutralized the threat in time, we could have saved 3,000 lives. Are we going to wait until they carry out a civil war in this country before we do something about it?