BLM Thugs Want More Than Chat With Soldier, Here’s What He Looks Like Now


A few Black Lives Matter thugs recently spotted a soldier in Texas and decided to have a little “chat” with the man. Unfortunately, the situation quickly took a turn for the worst – and how he looks today might just be enough to make your blood boil.
It all started when Zach Coe Johnson and his friend, Mark Stephen, were traveling from Houston to San Antonio, Texas. After arriving at their destination, the two men, who were both Army National Guardsmen, were confronted by a group of black individuals.
Suffice it to say, the thugs wanted to do a little bit more than have a civil “chat.” Without warning, Johnson was ambushed by the ruthless group, who beat the soldier until he was unconscious and then some. When Stephen went out to check on his friend, he was jumped by the pack of animals as well.
Breitbart reports, “Johnson said he received a broken nose and cheekbone. He said he and his military veteran friend were hospitalized. Johnson said he received eight stitches on his face and several staples to the back of his head.”

Stephen has since come forward to give his account of the incident, saying, “As I was getting my face stomped in and thrown through a window, they (all 4 of them) were yelling racial slurs saying how whites sucked and black lives were better.” The two also say the thugs were directly associated with the Black Lives Matter movement.
Although the men called the police, it seems that they weren’t much help in tracking down those responsible. Johnson and Stephen even had to call for an Uber driver to take them to a hospital because the officers allegedly didn’t radio for medical assistance to evaluate the men’s physical well-being after the attack.

As one would imagine, many people across America aren’t taking kindly to the assault and rightfully so. It seems that President Barack Obama and other divisive “leaders” have created a society where entitled special interest groups, such as Black Lives Matter, have begun actively targeting their so-called “oppressors” — white people and cops.
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Unfortunately for any other thugs thinking about doing something so evil, one of Johnson’s friends, Eric Crombie, has the perfect solution to combat such a reality. According to a Facebook post, in which he voices outrage over the attack, he states:
Driving his point home, he concluded, “Finally I’ll add this, it’s a personal decision but I carry 24/7 and avoid places I can’t carry.” As a 2nd Amendment advocate, I say that the number one rule of being a concealed carrier is that you always carry your firearm when you leave the house.
You never know when danger is going to jump out from around the corner and leave you bleeding on the pavement in the name of purported “justice.” I don’t know about you, but I’d just rather skip the hospital scene altogether and save anyone else who the thug might target in the future.

A dead monster with two holes in his chest is better than an innocent member of society in need of serious medical attention.
Besides, I’m sure watching their friend die in front of them would be a stark lesson for everyone else in that group, ensuring that they learn how to act as a member of a civil society. Rabid dogs get put down – that should have been the case here.