Drivers Horrified At What’s Spotted Behind U-Haul Muslim Man Is Driving


With as common of an occurrence as it is to see a U-Haul on any given highway in America, motorists didn’t think much about it until a closer look at what was behind one led to a horrifying discovery. This one truck was just the tip of a terrifying iceberg leading to an alert about what it’s been up to while the country was distracted by the election.
It seems as if the Islamic State (ISIS) has been out of sight and out of mind the last several months, but in the silence, they’ve been quietly at work in our country. With the election over and Barack Obama still in office until January, a new plan has been uncovered, but unfortunately, it may already be too late with what’s really behind these U-Hauls.

Knowing that moving trucks of all sizes are incredibly easy to obtain and appear innocuous on the road, terrorists have ditched their October instructions for lone wolf knife attacks, for a different plan that will cause far greater damage. Referring to the U-Hauls as the “most successful in harvesting large numbers of the kuffar [disbelievers],” in the group’s English-language magazine, Rumiyah, there’s added reason they want to use these trucks to replicate the type of attack that took place in Nice, France.

Offering gruesome tactical instructions on carrying out this attack on a certain event, the magazine encourages terrorists to stay away from “off-roaders, SUVs, and four-wheel drive vehicles” since these smaller frames “lack the necessary attributes required for causing a blood bath.” The purpose of this new weapon is to get the biggest truck available since it’s heavier and can crush the most victims in one single plow with a specific target in mind during the Thanksgiving holiday, PJ Media reported.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade was among the various targets noted in the article, with others being political rallies held in the streets and outdoor markets. Ironically, the people protesting in the streets are upset about our new president who is against the influx of refugees who are likely now part of this plan and will take out the rioters with it.
Thankfully, Trump is in charge now but probably not soon enough since he won’t be sworn into office until after one of the noted targets on Thanksgiving. Until then, keep an eye out for U-Haul trucks driven by Muslims in or near large groups.