Green Beret Makes Big Announcement With Photo, Then People See His Hands


U.S. Army Special Forces, Keith Batchelder (left), Jamie Indiveri (right)
When a Green Beret shared a photo online with his fiancée, he expected that the unique announcement would get some attention. However, the response was completely different from what the couple expected, when strangers noticed what he was doing with his hands and were quick to point it out.

Keith Batchelder, a service member with the U.S. Army Special Forces, is no stranger to opposition, but he was recently met with a different kind of beast. He and his pregnant fiancée, Jamie Indiveri, found themselves at the center of controversy, thanks to an unlikely cause — a gender reveal post shared on social media. Incensed strangers took particular issue on the unusual way they made the announcement.

The couple wanted to announce the gender of their first child in a way that was a genuine representation of the two of them. Joining in the popular trend of creatively out doing your peers, the specialized military father devised a perfect plan to trump all others. While it went over big with a bang for some, others were left outraged for an absurd reason.

Green Beret Makes Big Announcement With Photo, Then People See His Hands

Photos taken of expectant couple at the scene of their photohoot.

With their talented photographer in tow, the couple posed for a series of snapshots that told an exciting story. On a wooded dirt path in their hometown of Navarre, Florida, the couple was captured on a blanket. The next shot shows a box, with the question of what they’re expecting displayed on it.

What viewers didn’t realize, was that inside the capsule was a stash of explosive tannerite. The powder that came from it was colored in either pink or blue to say if they were expecting a boy or girl, depending on the color of the plume.

Green Beret Makes Big Announcement With Photo, Then People See His Hands

Batchelder with his fiance in the controversial shots

Batchelder went from gazing into his fiancée’s eyes to an intense prone position. With his AR frame rifle focused in on the target, he fired off a shot that ended in the box exploding with a blue cloud, showing that the couple was expecting a baby boy. As appropriate as this tactical announcement was for the military couple, anti-gunners found it deplorable and took it as a sign of future child abuse.

Having been in training for the Best Ranger Competition for a couple of weeks leading up to this photoshoot, Iniveri insisted that Batchelder was beyond prepared for hitting his explosive target to make the action happen from quite a distance, according to BuzzFeed. “His friends and teammates in Special Forces, who are all highly trained in advanced marksmanship, would never had let him live it down if he missed!” Iniveri said.

Despite the fact that the couple was in a safe shooting area, the Internet felt that this was inappropriate for such an announcement. As such, they insulted and American hero with what was said while inserting themselves in an event between two strangers.

“Involving something as gross and disgusting as a f*cking GUN in a birth announcement? Awful,” Twitter user Naith Payton wrote on social media. The ignorant commentator had a surprising amount of support, with others bringing “representation” into it. “Gee. I think I will aim a rifle at the representation of my child-to-be and pull the trigger,” Kim Morris felt entitled to say. Meanwhile, it’s sad that it probably needs to be noted that no child, or gender, was harmed in this announcement.

Perhaps the root of the anger was the masculine way that the proud dad announced that they’re expecting a boy, when his son wasn’t even born yet to decide what gender he identifies with. If so, this couple stuck it to liberals on two levels, guns and gender-confusion, and made a perfect announcement that will be hard to beat. Hopefully, these easily offended gun-fearing idiots are shooting blanks in the bedroom, because we don’t need them to be reproducing.