Keanu Reeves Sure To Upset Hollywood Liberals With This Viral Gun Video


A gun video featuring Keanu Reeves is going viral, and it’s sure to upset Hollywood liberals. However, it’s going to leave any gun lover applauding.

Keanu Reeves’ movie John Wick was an action-packed shoot ’em up fun movie to watch. The sequel, John Wick 2, is reported to be even more exciting than the original. Of course, it’s helpful if you’re making a movie that features a lot of shooting scenes that the actor is able to shoot.

The video shows Reeves in his training at Taran Tactical. In it, he’s blasting his way through the training course. In the timed exercise, Reeves starts off with an AR-15 and then switches to a semi-automatic pistol, followed by a semi-automatic shotgun. There’s a reason stunt jobs are getting harder to find.

Undoubtedly, some of the liberal anti-gun nuts that pollute the film industry and its native California will be irritated that their colleague can and does shoot. Most of them are content to hypocritically exploit firearms as a way to make a fabulous income while dismissing our rights to the protection they offer.

According to them, us little people aren’t capable of controlling themselves, let alone themselves with a gun. We’d just start shooting everything in sight, according to their logic, and we are much too irresponsible to actually own and carry firearms ourselves. Besides, help is only twenty minutes away with a call to 911.

Reeves certainly appears to be enjoying himself and to be more than capable of delivering his rounds to their intended locations. Maybe he could convince some of his hypocritical activist peers to join him, or at the very least, persuade them to shut the hell up.