Soldier Gets Familiar Note On Last Day Of Training, Then Sees What It Really Is


On the last day of basic training, a soldier in the United States Army received an oddly familiar letter. However, things would take a turn when he opened it up and began to read it – and that’s when he realized what it was.

Posted to Reddit by user tank_monkey (believed to be a man named Rob), he explains that about 20 years ago he joined the Army. At that time, he was just 19 years of age but had a much younger brother, Logan, who was just 5-years-old. As one would imagine, the soldier’s brother loved him very much and even sent him a letter when he was in basic training that read:

Dear Rob,

I love you so much. If you have a war and die, I hope you take this letter to heaven because I don’t want you to forget me. I love you very very much. I hope you get this letter. I got Nintendo games on Tuesday and I was happy and I hope you’re happy about the letter.




Of course, Rob loved the letter and even saved it until just recently. Unfortunately, since the letter had been with him over the past 20 years, it wasn’t easy for him to give it up – but that’s exactly what he did.

As outlined in the recent post, Logan, now 25, has not only grown into a man and graduated college, but he decided to follow in his big brother’s footsteps as well. With him recently enlisting in the U.S. Army, Rob explains that his brother just finished basic training, which prompted a special gift – the note.

Since Logan had no idea his big brother had kept the token all these years, he was initially a bit confused to receive a letter written by a child. However, once he realized that the familiar note was written by him all those years ago, he broke down in tears.

After a quick joke about someone cutting onions, Logan pointed out that he remembered writing every last word – and even managed to recall the video games he got that day (Pokemon blue and red). There aren’t too many bonds stronger than that of family, and this case goes to prove just that.

Kids may not know it at the time, but there is some serious power in gestures like these. Luckily for Logan, he got to feel exactly how he made his brother feel about 20 years ago. Words can’t describe a bond like this, but one thing’s for sure – these two are truly blessed to have someone love them as much as they do each other.