Soldiers Head To Segregated Mosque, What They’re Caught Doing Is Chilling


Soldiers Head To Segregated Mosque, What They're Caught Doing Is Chilling A group of Army officers recently went to a gender-segregated mosque known to have dangerous ties with Islamic terrorist groups, including Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Islamic State. However, what the soldiers did as soon as they got there, has many in the community shocked, horrified, and demanding an explanation.

Conservative activists and media have repeatedly warned that Islamic terrorism has infiltrated the government, and what happened at a recent visit to one of the UK’s most infamous mosques proves not only that Muslims have an influence on politics, but the military as well.

Disturbing photos have surfaced of a group of British Army officers washing, praying, and participating in recreational activities at the Zakaria Mosque in Dewsbury. While many might think there’s little scandalous about soldiers visiting an Islamic center, the mosque’s background sheds light on just how sinister this union is.
Soldiers Head To Segregated Mosque, What They're Caught Doing Is Chilling

Breitbart reports that the 4th Infantry Brigade of Catterick encouraged support of a terror-tied extremist mosque when the troop’s members spread pictures of their participation in worship and recreation with the radical worshipers. The mosque has been linked to America’s September 11th terrorist attacks, the San Bernardino shooting, and even the 7/7 London bombings.

What the infantry didn’t inform the public about, was the mosque’s known support of Tablighi Jamaat (TJ), a stealth jihad movement that calls for British Muslims to slaughter Western troops, just like the soldiers who ignorantly bowed to Allah on the mosque’s floor. The TJ is an offshoot of Deobandi, an Islamic school that produced the Taliban in Afghanistan. The mosque resides in Dewsbury, a town that produced the leader of the 7/7 bombings, ISIS suicide bombers, and Britain’s youngest convicted Muslim terrorist.

The Sunni mosque the officers visited and lauded on Facebook resides in Savile Town, an area of Dewsbury with a 98.7-percent South Asian population. According to Times Newspaper, Sevile Town has been labeled “the most segregated area in the UK,” thanks to their rampant Muslim population.

TJ is often referred to as the “Army of Darkness” and boasts member Zacharias Moussaoui, a convicted 9/11 planner. Ebrahim Rangooni, leader of the TJ, admits that the movement’s aim is to use mosques to rid the world of “the culture and civilization of the Jews and Christians.” He adds that to do this, Muslims must cultivate “such hatred for their ways as human beings have to urine and excrement.”
Soldiers Head To Segregated Mosque, What They're Caught Doing Is Chilling


The Army spokesperson failed to explain why the military chose to visit such a controversial mosque with known terror ties instead of one in the area with less scandal.

Colonel Mike Butterwick was happy to announce not only that the “myth” of violent Islam was being crushed, but that the infantry was planning more events with the radical mosque.

It is disturbing enough that Islam and jihad have invaded our schools, media, and government, but for the very forces that have lost so many in the battle against Islamic oppression, it’s not only stomach-churning, it’s downright insulting to those who’ve sacrificed.

Islam is not merely a set of religious beliefs. It is a political system with its own military, and at the command of Allah as modeled by Muhammad, it is indignant on conquering the world, establishing Sharia, and forcing all who refuse to convert to pay jizya or die.