Trump Adviser Warns DEMS: ‘There Will Be A Civil War’ If They Do ONE Thing


One of President-elect Donald Trump’s senior economic advisers was on Fox News, discussing the top issues of today, where he gave a grave warning to the Democratic Party. We all know history repeats itself, and since America already suffered through one bloody civil war, Steve Moore made the case that if Democrats do just one thing, there will be another — and the scary thing is, he’s probably right.


Riots in the streets over election (left), Militia in Texas (right)

One of the top news stories for the last few days is the Democrat Party’s plan to steal the election from Donald Trump through various recount schemes. While Trump’s economic adviser Steve Moore was on Fox News, he had a dire warning for all those Democrats and their supporters, who are pushing for these recounts.

Moore warned that if the vote is overturned in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, the country will be looking at a civil war:

“Well, I guess I’d start by saying denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. Democrats are still in a state of denial about the election… For the most part Donald Trump won in an electoral landslide. I will say this, if the Democrats challenge this and try to change the election I think there would be a bit of a civil war.” [via The Gateway Pundit]

Trump won this election, and it was not even close, but the mere fact that there is this Jill Stein-Hillary Clinton coalition to recount three key rust belt states is causing concern because we all know the dirty tricks the Clinton crime family employs to accomplish their goals.

Donald Trump won Pennsylvania by 70k, Wisconsin by 27k, and Michigan by 10k votes. To think these scumbags are going to overturn those states is a pipe dream and could only happen if they do it illegally. 

That, indeed, might spark a civil war since those Americans who supported Donald Trump are real patriotic Americans who refuse to continue to silently watch their country go down the drain.

This is a dangerous evil game these Democrats are playing. Most presidential candidates, when faced with a close election, finally concede for the good of the country. However, this election wasn’t even close.


2016 Electoral Map: Donald Trump 306, Hillary Clinton 232

Jill Stein has miraculously gained over six million dollars in two days to fund her recount bid, and if you’re thinking that sounds pretty suspicious, you’re right. During her entire campaign running for president, she only took in three million dollars.

So, the forces behind Stein, which many political experts believe is George Soros, is also in cahoots with Hillary Clinton. Hillary had a war chest of two billion dollars, so six million dollars between Soros and the Clintons is chump change. However, those snakes are forgetting one thing, and that one thing is the American people.

Two billion dollars couldn’t buy Hillary the presidency, so what makes her think anything she does now will work? I agree with Steve Moore. If those scumbags try to steal this election, Americans aren’t going to take it lying down. No one wants another civil war, so it’s time these Democrats get out of denial and into reality before we are left with no other choice.

We the People have spoken, and on January 20th, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Nothing they can do will stop that now.