HILARIOUS ISIS Hunting Skit With Decoy Goat Will Have You In Stitches


Well, the folks over at Tactical Sh*t are at it again, this time with a hilarious sketch on how to not only lure, but kill ISIS members.

The instructional hunting video comes in the form of a skit where the instructor details how exactly to get an ISIS member where you want them – with a decoy goat of course. As described, this isn’t your ordinary goat, but rather an IEG (improvised explosive goat) that detonates upon penetration.

After demonstrating exactly where and how to place your IED, the instructor then gives a few sprays of “Ode de’ Goat’s A**” just upwind of where ISIS members are expected to be and retreats to a safe vantage point.

Simply wait for an unsuspecting ISIS member to come along and – BOOM – one less “allahu akbar” shouting maniac for the world to worry about.

What do you guys think – funny or obnoxious? Let us know in the comments.

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