IED Explodes Under a U.S. Soldier in Afghanistan


The two French journalists Michel Scott and Gilles Parrot followed a troop of 14 soldiers of the U.S. army in Kandahar in an expedition against the enemy fighting Taliban.

In their progression soldiers are aware that landmines (IED) are arranged around in the sandy soil.

While one of the troops positioned in a bank to monitor lookouts, Sergeant Allen walk a few meters from the journalist on one of these killer mines. After an insane explosion military collapses to the ground shouting “Help !” the camera always shoots behind a thick cloud of dust leaves appear the horror of war. Sergeant Allen has both legs and arms torn to shreds …

Always in front of the goal french TV relief are organized with a first time installation of tourniquets and morphine injection. The rescue helicopter arrived ten minutes later to evacuate Sergeant Allen.

Sergeant Allen survive his injuries but has been amputated both his legs.

© 2011, French reporting, Michel Scott & Gilles Parrot.