Leftists Demand Gun Range Remove “Racist” Target, Range Replies With 1 Word


When a man was visiting a gun range in Kentucky, he noticed a shooting target that was particularly riddled with bullet holes. After taking a second look, he suddenly realized what the target portrayed. Now, liberals and their favorite special interest group want the target removed immediately. However, they received an unexpected one-word reply when they contacted the range.

After a friend told him about an apparently “racist” display at a local shooting range, Sabree Ata Yousef infiltrated the range to get proof. Taking a snapshot of what appears to be a cutout of an old Muslim woman, Yousef ironically mounted his high horse to allege that Muslims should be the only ones not portrayed as shooting targets in gun ranges, simply because it offends his feelings.

The Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky, allegedly has one shooting target that looks like an elderly Muslim woman enshrouded in an Islamic chattel that conceals everything but her grim face. The target appears shot up and is propped up in front of a stuffed bear dressed as a hunter.

After posting the picture of the target to social media, Yousef called upon Facebook to condemn the alleged “racism,” even though Islam is not a race but a set of political and religious beliefs.

Just 14 months ago, Yousef moved to America from Palestine, but he’s already comfortable with using the freedoms he’s not afforded under Hamas to dictate our freedoms. Still, what can one expect from a Muslim settlement that celebrates the killers of Americans and children, and the same government that has called upon civilians to “Stab the Jews” in a racist bid to take over Israel, the only Jewish nation on earth? It’s a safe bet that Yousef won’t condemn the killing of children, but he has no problem whining about a cardboard cutout that looks like some of the Palestinian grandmothers, clapping and cheering as their jihadist grandson’s bodies are returned from butchering innocent Israelis.

It didn’t take long for the leftist media to come running to the aid of Yousef’s hurt feelings. The Huffington Post ironically responded by slamming the gun range’s glorification of the First Amendment, a piece of legislation that a liberal rag like themselves relies on to print their self-righteous assumptions.

Their website also proudly proclaims, “…where the Second Amendment comes first.” It seems Knob Creek takes this proclamation pretty literally: The Second Amendment is the right to bear arms, while the First Amendment is the amendment that guarantees freedom of speech — and religion.
Of course, HuffPo fails to acknowledge that perhaps the biggest modern-day offenders of the First Amendment are Muslims, who succeed in stifling or obliterating freedom of speech and religion in their own countries, as well as the ones that allow them refuge. After all, Sharia law outlaws the right to criticize Islam and only Islam, as well as free worship of what’s left of their religious minorities.

Leftists Demand Gun Range Remove “Racist” Target, Range Replies With One Word

Sabree Ata Yousef and the Huffington Post were shocked when the gun range responded to their accusation of having Muslim targets by saying “probably.”
When a useful idiot from HuffPo contacted the gun range, they didn’t get the response they were expecting. The employee nonchalantly shrugged off allegations that they are Islamophobic, adding that they “probably” have Muslim shooting targets because they are often requested by customers. Now that the range has refused to bow to Sharia demands, the Council on American-Islamic Relations is figuratively up in arms.

“Using a Muslim woman wearing a religious head scarf with [verses from the] Quran behind her as a target for our nation’s military personnel is offensive and sends a negative and counterproductive message to trainees and to the Muslim-majority nations to which they may be deployed,” wrote CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad in a letter to Secretary of Defense. “This is yet another example of why the Department of Defense needs to fix what appears to be an ongoing problem by consulting credible scholars and experts to review all training and training materials related to Islam or Muslims.”
CAIR thinks that the U.S. government should gain approval from religious Islamic scholars on what they can and can’t use for training exercises. What CAIR, the liberal left, and every other offended Muslim are saying to you is that you can’t assume a Muslim woman would ever be a physical threat, even if Muslim women around the world are joining in jihad to suicide bomb, stab, or shoot unbelievers. It’s apparently racist to be prepared to defend yourself against even the most unlikely of threats, although Muslim women are just as capable of carrying out terrorism as anyone else. In fact, they have been known to join their male counterparts in jihad. Just ask the women involved in the San Bernardino shooting, Paris attacks, mass Israeli stabbings, and even the beheading of a disabled Russian child.

This isn’t about Muslim women at all. Ranges often have female targets of all descriptions, as women of all descriptions can be dangerous. This is about Muslims committing persecution, terror, and mass slaughter in every country to which they migrate, as a byproduct of Islamic culture, law, and doctrine. Islam is the religion that demands the most respect while doing the least to give or earn it. Islam is virtually wiping out nearly every religious minority in over 50 Sharia countries and bringing that same supremacism and violence with them to the West.

However, unlike in Sharia countries, America has a constitution that protects basic human rights, including freedom of speech and the amendment directly following it that was meant to protect the first. The right to bear arms not only kept us from being taken over by a totalitarian government hundreds of years ago, but it protects us today from the neo-Nazi elitism of Sharia. Not only that, but it also gives the individual a fighting chance to defend themselves and those around them from Islamic terrorism, which is on the rise in countries that allow in Muslim migrants.

Muslims who adhere to Sharia abhor the First and Second Amendments, because they despise anything that would threaten their implementation and enforcement of Sharia law. The First Amendment is why they protest cartoon contests, criticism of Islam, and worship of religious minorities. The Second Amendment guarantees us that those rights won’t be taken away.