Officer Shoots and Kills Suspect Who Shot His Partner


The Cayce Department of Public Safety says two officers involved in a November 2015 shooting after they attempted to arrest a man on drug-related charges will not be charged with a crime.

Along with the release of the statement, Cayce DPS released dramatic dash camera footage of the incident in question.

“The video shows how a simple misdemeanor arrest was unnecessarily escalated into a life or death situation when the subject resisted and attempted to kill two of our Public Safety Officers,” the statement said.

According to investigators, Kelly and Ballentine confronted the suspect, 21-year-old Demetrius Shelley Bryant of Columbia.

The video shows the two officers questioning Bryant about the smell of marijuana in Bryant’s car. They talk to him for about 9 minutes before they ask Bryant to empty his pockets.

Bryant, the video shows, had a small amount of marijuana on his person.

“See? You just pulled that out and handed it right to me,” Ballentine said.

Because of that, the officers initiated an arrest. Ballentine asks Bryant several times to not tense up, but the situation escalates when Ballentine says Bryant is being charged with resisting arrest.

Bryant, the video shows, then breaks away from the officers, pulls a pistol from his waist band, and opens fire.

Officer Kelly was struck by one of Bryant’s bullets, according to Cayce DPS, before Bryant managed to gain his composure and attempt to flee the scene.

Officer Ballentine then gave chase to Bryant, firing back at him several times.

Bryant was killed in the exchange.