(VIDEO) Watch As Snipers Are Pinned Down In Afghanistan


These soldiers found themselves in a scary situation, seemed like they were taking fire from all angles. You can even see the muzzle flashes of the enemy in the distance. But these soldiers are trained to adapt to situations like this. They return fire, take a few sniper shots and protect themselves during the non stop shootout in Afghanistan.

But these soldiers have a big surprise in store for these insurgents, and they end up calling in a A-10 Warthog to finish off the enemy. With its distinctive “BRRRRRRT,” you can hear in the background unleashing mayhem. If that didn’t take them all out, at least we can say that it probably sent the ones lucky enough to stay alive running for their lives in the opposite direction. Hats off to our troops who have to deal with this craziness on a daily basis.

101st ARN Sniper team in Kunar Afghanistan get pinned down by Taliban fighters.

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