Teen Thugs & Wild Hyena Hoodrats Act Up In Court Yelling At Judge (VIDEO)


This cocky young thug has no respect for our justice system, so when a judge sentences him to death, he takes drastic action.
Dexter Johnson, 19, was on trial for the murder of Maria Aparece after he and five friends carjacked her and her boyfriend, Huy Ngo. The thugs threatened Aparece and Ngo with a shotgun and drove them around to ATMS demanding money.
Then, Johnson raped Aparece while forcing Ngo to listen. Afterwards, they took the couple into the woods and shot them each in the head.

At his trial, Johnson showed no remorse for what he had done to his victims. The entitled young punk routinely mouthed off in court, thinking for sure that he would get off.
Instead, Johnson is sentenced to death for his crimes, and he immediately throws a temper tantrum. He screams and throws chairs around as police tackle and restrain him. Johnson soon realizes that his theatrics will not help him at all: there’s nothing he can do to dodge the judge’s wrath.
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Three out of four teenagers accused of leading police in a chase across Broward County appeared in juvenile court, Tuesday afternoon, and the hearing quickly spiraled into chaos after a suspect’s outburst.(Source:WSVN)

A loudmouthed, idiot thug decided he was going to represent himself in a criminal trial, and things didn’t exactly go as well as he had planned. He decided to get into a verbal altercation with the judge, and it only took two epic words for him to be writhing on the ground crying… and it’s hilarious.
You see, apparently Kingali had a history of disrupting courtrooms, according to WTTG, including trying to bolt out of court, and Judge Nally was made aware of it prior to the hearing. So he had Kingali fitted with an electronic shock cuff that administered 50,000 reasons he needed to respect the authoritative figure in front of him, but he must have forgotten he was wearing it.

Kingali was getting on Nally’s nerves after ignoring his orders to stop speaking out, so the good judge spoke two simple, but incredibly awesome words to the court’s deputy – “Do it,” and do it he did.

As the 50,000 high-powered volts of electricity ran through Kingali’s body, he fell to the floor screaming in pain. While most of us would say it was a job well-done by Nally, his decision to silence a disrespectful thug cost him… big time.