Virginia Marine reservist gets 75 years for sexual assault of fellow Marine reservist



A 37-year-old Virginia Marine Corps gunnery sergeant reservist and police officer was found guilty of sexually assaulting a fellow Marine reservist at his home.

The jury sentenced Michael Andrew Maldini on charges of rape, attempted sodomy, and aggravated sexual battery.

He was fined $100,000 and sentenced with 75 years of jail time — 50 years for rape, 5 years for attempted sodomy, and 20 years for aggravated sexual battery.

The 20-year old accuser testified that she was duped into visiting his Stafford townhouse to see a puppy he didn’t own after they’d taken a fellow Marine reservist to the hospital on a drill weekend according to It was there she says that he ordered her to drink alcohol and forced himself upon her, according to her statements made in court.

The Marine countered, saying that she came over willingly where they partook in alcohol and movies, including one pornographic film after she expressed interest when seeing a signed poster in his home. Afterward they partook in consensual sexual activities. He also countered that she began sexually harassing him at work but he didn’t report it because he was fearful of losing his job because he violated fraternization rules.

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