Badass College Co-Ed Goes Ballistic, Makes ISIS Sex Slavers Cower In Terror


Joanna Palani is one badass college co-ed who took her vacation year abroad and did something extraordinary. Most college kids go away to study in a foreign country for a year, but not Joanna. Instead, she wanted to make a difference and help those girls held as sex slaves by the barbaric Islamic State thugs. You’ll be amazed at this real-life GI Jane who takes on ISIS and left them quaking in their boots.

Joanna Palani, the Danish girl who went to war in Syria.

Joanna, 22, from Denmark was sick of seeing the horrors that ISIS was inflicting on good people in the Middle East, especially the stories of the little girls who died after being held as sex slaves, and she decided it was her calling to go join those fighting ISIS. As a Christian of Syrian descent, she knew the Kurds were fighting ISIS in Syria, and she had to go help.

Although she had never fired a gun, Joanna was a quick study. Within a few weeks, she was on the front lines killing the bad guys, taking out numerous ISIS jihadis. What Joanna remembers most is when her unit was ordered to take a village near Mosul, Iraq, which was a heavily fortified ISIS stronghold.

It wasn’t the battle that freed the town that haunts her mind, it was a building in which they found a sick scene. Inside this windowless building was the stench of death. Huddled together, her unit found girls as young as 5 or 6, all there as sex slaves for the ISIS thugs.

One story she will never forget is that of an eleven-year-old who she found near death, dehydrated, bloodied, and heavily pregnant with twins. Later, Joanna went to visit this girl in the hospital, and sadly she recounts what happened:

“She was a Syrian Christian and she died holding my hand because she was 11-year-old and she was pregnant with twins. Her little face was so swollen. It just wasn’t right. I remember the doctor crying and yelling at me and my first soldier.”

Back home now in Denmark, she resumed her college studies in Sociology and Philosophy. But, she still has this nightmare, waking up with that eleven-year-old girl’s eyes staring at her, feeling her hand going limp as she silently passes away. Then she remembers why she went:

“I could not continue to see and hear innocents die. My conscience choked me before I left home. I knew what was right and wrong.”

Her story is a strong witness for all of us. These ISIS monsters are fueled by the twisted Quran which tells them all of what they are doing is ordered by their god, Allah.

Going to war was Joanna’s choice, and she was well aware she could die, but for this young woman, it was the right thing to do. We all hope for the day when Barry Obama is gone, and America can return to doing what is right in the world. Annihilating those sick Muslim bastards will be priority number one, and it will feel good to know America is feared by our enemies once again.