It’s Being Called The Greatest Sniper Shot In History And It Devastated ISIS Terrorists


It takes a lot to be a sniper, and there are very few people who even qualify for the demanding and skilled profession.

One British sniper is evidently in the right field, because his skill has allowed him to kill three ISIS terrorists with one bullet, just as the ISIS member was preparing to fire shots into a crowd of women and children in Iraq. The shot, which is being described as “one in a million,” was said to wipe out three men at once as it first went through two men, then ricocheted into a third. The powerful bullet was shot from a L11fA sniper rifle from a range of 1,800m and it had a suppressor that restricted noise, allowing him to maintain concealed.

The solitary bullet struck the first ISIS member in the head and went on to hit the second terrorist in the chest, passing through his body and ricocheting off a wall before hitting the third terrorist in the neck, killing all three instantly.

The “one in a million shot,” occurred during a covert SAS intelligence gathering while armed forces were monitoring Islamic State controlled areas during the time that Iraqi forces advanced toward Mosul. The ISIS members were being tracked just as several women and children were attempting to escape the extremists.

And what good timing the sniper had, as he ultimately saved several lives.

The SAS team opened fire when the terrorists ordered the civilians to stop. The ISIS members had been perched from a second-story window, armed with machine guns that were pointed directly at the crowd. The civilians were spared when the sniper fired the shot that would go down in history.

“No one could quite believe what had happened,” a source said of the infamous shot.

A US-led coalition, which was launched in October and designed to back Iraqi forces, is what led the sniper to be in his position in the first place. The combined forces were on a mission to take Mosul back from the hardline Sunni group which captured the city in 2014.

As the last major city under Islamic State control in Iraq, Mosul was recently victim to an explosion at the largest hotel in the western part of the city. The Islamic State was recently on a mission to destroy the hotel, in an attempt to prevent Iraqi forces from using the spot as a landing base while they were in the midst of regaining power over the city.

Evidently, the Mosul Hotel suffered some damage, as it was said to be leaning to one side following the explosions. Flanking the Tigris river, the hotel divides the city in two and the explosion occurred just as Iraqi forces were attempting to take absolute control of the eastern side as they were preparing to attack the western bank.

One commenter shared his analysis of the sniper’s shot, and credited him for a job well done…

“A fantastic shot made with extraordinary skill. At that range he would have had to hold high over the target to allow for bullet drop, he would have made any adjustments for cross winds and his breathing would have been controlled as would his heart beat. Even a half cm movement at the muzzle end is magnified into meters at the target distance. Great that we have such high level personnel on the good side to remove this evil.”

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His powerful shot is being called “one in a million.” It’s done more damage than most do in a career.