[Watch] Kurdish Soldiers Saved by Bullet Proof Glass from ISIS Sniper Fire


Kurdish soldiers recently had the scare of their lives after being shot at by ISIS terrorists, and it was all caught on tape.


The footage reportedly comes out of the Syrian town of Kobane, where Kurdish YPG forces have been fighting ISIS militants. As ISIS continues their pursuit of world domination, they’ve turned the offensive on their long time enemies of Kurdistan.

While driving around, a few Kurdish soldiers are thanking their lucky stars after a bullet proof windshield stopped a sniper round from entering their vehicle. The gun can be heard firing in the video where the round is seen striking the windshield.

[Watch] Kurdish Soldiers Saved by Bullet Proof Glass from ISIS Sniper Fire

As one could imagine, panic quickly sets in when the driver makes a u-turn and darts around a corner to safety. This video only further demonstrates the state of unpreparedness the Kurds are in and the need they have for help from their allies.

America has yet to stretch out a helping hand, unless you count a handful of ineffective airstrikes.

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