Michael Barber (left), his brother Travis Wise (right), and dash cam footage of them fighting a policeofficer (center).
A Michigan biker was driving reckless when a police officer pulled up behind him, but the punk wasn’t about to stop. When the reckless driver eventually crashed and the officer moved in to arrest him, the thug’s brother joined in as the pair attacked the cop — but they both got a nasty surprise that neither of them saw coming.

Although the incident took place on February 20, dash cam footage was just released to the public. As seen in the video, the altercation began when Michael Barber went speeding past Michigan State Trooper Garry Guild on a stolen motorcycle.

Although the officer sped up behind the man and tried to pull him over, the biker showed no signs of complying and tried to speed away. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t work out in his favor as the trooper was able to keep up until the inevitable happened.

About three minutes into the chase, Barber tried to fake the officer out by driving on an off ramp before trying to speed across the grass and back onto the highway, but he crashed during the attempt. Officer Guild was able to park his car and get out to detain the man – but things were far from over.
Just as the trooper approached, a physical confrontation broke out when Barber began attacking the officer who was trying to arrest him. Even worse yet, the biker’s brother, later identified as Travis Wise, quickly pulled up in a separate car and rushed to his fugitive brother’s aid, tackling the cop.

However, that’s about the time that things took a turn for the two nitwits as they got a nasty surprise that they didn’t see coming. In the background of the video, viewers can see that a few good Samaritan’s stopped their vehicles to assist the officer who was eventually able to get Barber and Wise into handcuffs.