“Dragon Man”: The most armed man in America, which owns 80 military vehicles, 200 machine guns, tanks and grenade launchers (Photo / Video)



A collector of weapons aka “Dragon Man” regarded as “armed man in America”, having owned over 200 machine guns, tanks and grenade launchers.

Mel Bernstein, who earned the nickname “Dragon Man” forgive motorcycle design shaped Dragon flame issued from the mouth, has finally organized a tour of his museum collection known as the “Land of the Dragon”, reports Telegraph.


In the paradise of fans of weapons in El Paso, Colorado in the United States, he possesses the ground shooting with different weapons, 80 cars military license for sale of automatic weapons and a field next to the game now known as paint-ball.

This motorcyclist with arms covered with tattoos of snakes seem not at all concerned about what society thinks tearing his collection amounting to more than eight million pounds.

“Today I will explain why call on the armed man in America”, is heard saying on the video Bernestein realized during his tour in the museum collection.


While the cameras were focused objective in rooms filled with hundreds of automatic rifles, he said: “I see these machine guns, all are in good condition and work as if they had come far from the factory.”

“I must admit that I have about 200 pieces in my name. I do not believe there is anyone else in the US has so many weapons in its name. I have so many big guns, that not everyone can shoot with them, “he added.

He even told cameramen and photographers, bedroom that had walls covered with various automatic rifles.

His isolated property lies on 260 hectares off the streets noisy Brooklyn in New York, the place where it was grown, reports Telegraph.


He left teaching ninth grade for collecting weapons, and build motorcycles that walking with his friends.

After military service since the Vietnam War 1965-1966, Bernestein opened a shop dealing with the repair of motorcycles on Long Island.

But in 1982 he moved to Colorado with his wife Terry flanella, where he opened a gun shop and began producing and koleksionojnë different weapons.


But Bernstein was heart broken when his wife was accidentally shot to death in 2012, while he was filming a reality show for the Discovery Channel.

It actually was hit by two bombs smoke flying at 200 kilometers per hour, and used to fill with smoke in certain areas of the battlefield.

A part of his museum collection contains more than 900 uniformed mannequin, 88 cars and three thousand different weapons from samurai swords up to grenade launchers.


He has a special room with guns that are used in every war that his country has participated, from World War I through it in Afghanistan.