Jamal Rutledge, a 17-year old teen who arrested and brought into the local police office in handcuffs, saved the life of a police officer and is now rightfully being praised as a hero.


In September, Jamal was once again arrested on charges of violence, criminal mischief and burglary by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department in Florida. While the young man was quietly waiting until officer Franklin Foulks was finished with his paperwork, he suddenly saw the officer collapse to the ground and also saw him noticeably reaching for his chest.


Rutledge didn’t hesitate for a second, jumped up and called for help. Because Jamal was already in handcuffs, he couldn’t do much aside from making noise and repeatedly kicking the nearby fence in order to grasp the attention of his fellow police officers.


A few moments later, a number of colleagues enter the room and start to give Foulks CPR. If it wasn’t for the young teen’s quick response, Foulks probably wouldn’t have survived his stroke. Jamal Rutledge saved the man’s life while in handcuffs.


A few days later, the police department organized a city commission meeting for both Jamal and the police officers that were able to assist. They were being praised as heroes and Jamal in particular.

The incident has also inspired Rutledge to stay on the right path.


“I want to write a book,” he said, “about how people do bad things, but they can change their life around.”

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While being processed at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida police department, Jamal Rutledge spotted the officer booking him collapse…