Police Arrest Nichole Cevario In Catoctin High School Shooting Plot

Frederick County, MD – A plot designed by Nichole Cevario for a mass shooting next month at Catoctin High School has been discovered and stopped.

According to The Frederick News-Post, Cevario’s parents became aware of the plot and her father brought it to the attention of school officials on Thursday. She is a student at the school and was removed from class and taken into custody.

In a press conference on Monday afternoon, Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said:

“This event was very probably prevented by the parents who stepped forward. They saw something, they said something, they came forward, they did the right thing, so I give all the credit in the world to the parents of this young lady.”

He also said that several “explosive materials”, including ‘pipes with end caps’, ‘nails to be used as shrapnel’, fireworks, magnesium tape, and fuse materials were seized during a search of Nichole Cevario’s home last week, but none had been combined at that point to make a bomb.

Sheriff Jenkins said that “basically the plan was to extract the black powder from the fireworks to create the pipe bombs.”

A Remington 870 shotgun and 12 gauge ammunition were also seized from the home. No weapons or explosives were found at the high school.

Nichole Cevario’s journal was key to the ongoing investigation. The first entry was made on December 16, 2016, and hints of violence were evident from that first entry. The Sheriff said that there was evidence of emotional and mental health issues, as shown by the way Cevario went out and found ways to purchase the needed supplies.

He also said that it was planned as a mass shooting and that there were no specific names or targets. The journal had detailed plans of every stage of the shooting and what Cevario expected to encounter. She had even talked with the School Resource Officer and included information from that.

Nichole Cevario had the specific date of April 5th set aside for the mass shooting in her journal, and there was evidence in her journal that she planned to die on that day.

Counselors were available for any students who needed to talk about the plot. Cevario is currently at Frederick Memorial Hospital for a mental evaluation. She will be charged with both the possession of explosive materials with the intent to create a destructive device as well as possession of incendiary material with the intent to create a destructive device after she is released.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the state and county fire marshal’s offices, and the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office assisted in the investigation.

Thanks to these brave parents, this plot was discovered and stopped.

Officers stopped it just in time.