Police K9’s are well-trained and dedicated. But, they are still dogs. Dogs are loving and do like to play! As you may know, training a dog takes time – a lot of time. There will be setbacks and mistakes that are made. Those are all okay because it is all part of the process. This video seems to be a training demonstration.

The German Shepherd is wary of the man wearing the protective suit. The dog isn’t about to let anything slip by. Things are going along well, and then the man in the suit lunges! The dog’s super quick and is able to latch onto the man’s arm. The trainer tells him to let go – and he does, but then the dog does something a little extra!

Watch the video to see what happened!

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Police Dog Training can get really boring. And when things get boring, dogs are the best in making things more entertaining and funny! So when this Police Dog is in the middle of a serious boring training, he does something so cute, funny, and unexpected! Watch the video below and see the funny blooper this German Shepherd does in the middle of his Police Dog training! See how things go from serious and intense to adorable and funny!

-You gotta see this.