Deployed Soldier Makes It to Hospital Day after Baby Is Born. But Watch When His 2-Year-Old Spots Him
…one of the most priceless reunions…
ON APRIL 14, 2017 AT 10:27AM
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A video released on YouTube in 2014 has made its way back into the hearts of everyone on social media. The footage was recently posted on the Love What Matters Facebook page and has been viewed more than 700,000 times.

The short and personal documentary featured John Vorrath, a National Guard Sergeant stationed in the Middle East. He was returning home to his family in Des Moines, Iowa on a temporary stay.

Prior to his return, his pregnant wife, Janae, was at Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames preparing for delivery. Unfortunately, Vorrath was denied leave at the time of his daughter’s birth, so he was forced to watch the special moment on FaceTime.

As he watched the live video, the father of two “was given permission to travel half way around the world to surprise his wife” and their son. Soon after his child was born, Vorrath jumped on a plane and took a 22-hour flight back into the U.S.

Upon his arrival at the airport, the video camera started rolling. Vorrath seemed super stoked to be back home, and even more so to go meet his 1-day-old daughter.

Soldier Surprise Visit Home

John arrived in Des Moines after 22 hours of travel…To support our mission, pre-order the Love What Matters book in time for Mother's Day:

Posted by Love What Matters on Monday, April 3, 2017

The next shot showed Vorrath entering the hospital room where his wife and baby girl were resting. As soon as he saw his wife, they locked each other in a warm embrace.

Tears started to flow and sniffles followed soon after. “Oh my God. Look at her,” Vorrath said as he pointed toward the bassinet holding his little one.

The emotional dad then went over to pick up his baby and held her in his arms. He and Janae couldn’t stop smiling as they sat on the bed together and admired their beautiful child.

Once 15 minutes had passed, it was time to make another surprise appearance. Their 2-year-old son was invited into the room to see Vorrath, who he hadn’t seen since his dad was deployed.

The little guy ran into his father’s arms once he recognized it was him. “You’re so big,” Vorrath said as he picked up his son and gave him tons of kisses. It was one of the most priceless reunions between a father and son.

“Thank you to all who helped make this moment possible when it didn’t seem it could be,” the text read at the end of the video. And, certainly it was a darling moment that a lot of us viewers will never forget!

For Facebook commenter Janet Davy Klein, the arrival of a new baby sealed the deal for her: “Always so sweet when these families have a super surprise to bring them all together again,” she wrote. “How blessed they are with this beautiful family.”

There are many military families who have experienced their fair share of parents being away during the birth of a child, like in the case of the Vorrath family. There are also many homecomings captured on video of soldiers meeting their babies after months of deployment.

The video compilation above takes a good look at some of those precious reunions and first-time encounters. Make sure to check it out, but only if you can handle shedding tears of joy for the next 11 minutes or so!

-He traveled 22 hours to be there. As soon as he walks into the hospital room, everyone starts bawling! And the emotional reunion is all caught on video.
But then, the door opens and it’s his two-year-old son…