Two defendants in a home invasion and murder trial were denied bail by the presiding judge at a pretrial hearing, causing both men to become emotional.

Jacob Mouzon and Drake Campbell are believed to be the masterminds behind a 2016 home invasion gone wrong. One night last July, the two appeared before a Berkeley County, South Carolina judge for a bail hearing. Before the hearing was over, both young men were in tears.

Seventeen year old Jacob Mouzon and eighteen year old Drake Campbell, appeared before a judge in Berkeley County, South Carolina in July of 2016 for a pretrial bail hearing. After reviewing the circumstances of the crime and a two day manhunt for the teens, the judge deemed both to be flight risks and denied them bail.

Mouzon and Campbell are the lead defendants in a murder and home invasion case.

The two are accused of leading a band of five armed teens into the home of Kadeem Johnson, with the intention of robbing the house. The state alleges that upon finding Johnson at home, they tied him up while they robbed him. After several hours in the house, prosecutors say that the band of robbers shot Johnson, execution style.

Johnson’s wife was seriously injured but survived the attack and was taken to a hospital in Charleston and treated for gunshot wounds to her hands and chest. She was able to speak with police and filed an affidavit that the men overcame the couple upon their return from a short trip. The robbers stole about three thousand dollars in cash and then ransacked the house before killing Johnson and shooting her. The gang then made their getaway in two separate cars stolen from the Johnson’s driveway.

Four law enforcement agencies eventually became involved in a massive manhunt for the culprits before three were eventually caught in one of the cars about five miles from the Huger, South Carolina home of Johnson. It took two additional days to locate and capture Campbell and Mouzon.

In their first court appearance, their families were spoke on their behalf, as their attorneys argued for their release on bail. However, after the state presented the circumstances of the crime and the difficulty in apprehending the men, the judge denied them bail and remanded them to custody until their trials. The men became visibly upset and began crying as their bail was denied.

Kadeem Johnson’s family did not attend the hearing, but afterwards Mouzon’s mother spoke to the press, saying

After the hearing, “We apologize for him. I know their hearts are breaking and I’m sorry for them.”

Campbell, Mouzon, and twenty six year old Kenneth Campbell, Jr, are being charged with first degree burglary, armed robbery, and murder, as well as other pending charges. The two other suspects have not been publicly identified as yet.

Kenneth Campbell, Jr. was arrested in 2013 on murder charges, although in a plea deal they were reduced to voluntary manslaughter in October of 2015. He was sentenced to twenty years in prison, but the sentence was amended in April of 2016 and he was released.

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-The two appeared before a Berkeley County, South Carolina judge for a bail hearing. Before the hearing was over, both young men were in tears. Do you feel bad for them?