Off-duty cop shoots and kills men in attempted robbery


We are not surprised by this video from Brazil because we already saw much crazy stuff from one of the most violent countries. We already have seen some similar videos, but this one at point-blank. In this particular case, a man defends his own life and life of his girlfriend in attempted robbery.

After men enter his garage, a group of three unidentified men holds the garage door open before it can completely close. One of the men approached the driver side of the car armed with a handgun which is clearly seen on video surveillance footage at 0:37.

The attempted robbery goes terribly wrong for the robbers as it happened that victim si an off-duty cop. He was armed with a handgun and after he noticed one of the robbers approaching, he prepared himself and fired several rounds into the robber. The robber can be seen letting a shot off from his handgun at 0:17 as he cowers against the wall in desperate try to run away.

The men who were shot by the driver was later identified as the 32-year-old man. He later died from his wounds, and his two fellow companions were apprehended by the local authorities shortly after the incident.

This is another prime example of a time when local law enforcement can do nothing for you, and why you need to learn to take care of yourself. Your personal safety is your own responsibility, and in this particular case, 9mm were much faster than dialing 911. A handgun and proper training should be enough for similar situations.