Two policemen are being deemed heroes after rescuing a pregnant woman from the freezing waters of the Detroit River near Riverside Park in Detroit, Michigan. Officer Brian Gadwell and his partner, Steven Rauser, responded to a 911 call while out on duty April 18.

Once they were on scene, they noticed a woman struggling to keep herself above water. A few good Samaritans had stopped to extend a tree branch out for her to hold onto until help arrived.

The officers didn’t know any of the details concerning how she fell into the river. They just knew they had to do something fast.

Gadwell decided to go in first to save the woman. As he held onto a length of rebar, he tried to keep her head above the water’s surface by wrapping his legs around her.

The river’s currents were forcing Gadwell to hold on as tight as he could. However, the water’s temperature was so frigid that he could feel his body getting weak and numb.

“I thought I was going to die,” he told WXYZ-TV in an on camera interview. “I was telling them, ‘You guys better do something; I can’t hold on.’”

Rauser jumped in to come to his partner’s aid. The three were stuck in the icy river until other emergency responders showed up to help.

The three of them were safely pulled out of the water with the help of a J.W. Westcott mail delivery boat. The woman was immediately taken to the hospital for an emergency c-section, while the two police officers were evaluated by paramedics.

To make light of the situation, something quite hilarious happened after Gadwell stripped off his cold, drenched clothes. As he went to pull off his socks, EMT personnel spotted something on his feet.

“They’re looking at me funny and I’m like, ‘This is what happens when you have daughters at home,’” Gadwell said. His toenails were polished gold, but surprisingly, he wasn’t the only one with a stylish “MANicure.”

Rauser was also rocking some color on his toenails — courtesy of his 8-year-old little girl. The two men laughed hysterically about their polished feet.

Although cops go to work each day fighting crime and risking their own lives, they’re also like any other regular person outside of their uniform. Gadwell and Rauser’s heroism definitely exceeds what they do on the job each day.

By letting their little girls paint their nails, they’re already viewed as heroes and great fathers to the little ones who look up to them. Being able to fulfill both of those roles is what makes our police officers awesome!

-An officer jumped into the freezing waters to rescue a pregnant woman after she fell in. But the water was too cold and he realized he needed help.
That’s when the second officer came to his aide and they were finally able to help the woman to safety.
But as the paramedics were helping them warm up, they noticed something funny…