Syrians have had mixed reactions to the US attack on the basis of chemical weapons that killed 80 Syrian civilians on Tuesday, but most see it as the end of the impunity of President Bashar al-Assad.

“Assad did miscalculate this time,” said a humanitarian aid worker from the southern Turkish city of Gaziantep – US response at this point was a buffet that can change everything in Syria.

Qusai Zakaria, an activist who was wounded in the attack of chemical weapons in Moadamiya, told “The Telegraph” that the American President was his hero.

“If I ever become a son, I would put the name Donald. This man is a hero. He is the man! “Said he determined.

“This attack will give people hope. All this has to do with hope – continued Zakkaria- This is a new era that shows that America will do really something. As Donald Trump says: This “is great.