There have been plenty of times we have all been stuck at a busy intersection when we have somewhere else to be. You take a look around, and even though you don’t see any police cars, you decide to wait it out, just in case.

The guy in this pickup decided today was not the day for him to have to wait on traffic, though, so as soon as he sees an opening, he guns the gas and squeals tires out into the intersection. Immediately, the driver of dark grey Impala to his right hits the strobes, revealing his true identity as a police officer. The driver of the car behind all of the action can’t help but laugh at the scene playing out, since we rarely get to see karma work so quickly!

Take your time out there, folks. You can wait for that redlight, you don’t have to pass that car that’s only driving 5 MPH over the speed limit. Life’s too short to live in a rush. Plus, there are cops out there waiting on you to cross that line!

-A lack of patience while driving is never a good thing!