In the world of acting, John Cena has played a Marine plenty of times. Playing enigmatic Marine John Triton in the aptly named movie “The Marine,” Cena has had to learn to play the part, as well as look the part. But, like all the great actors before him, sometimes you have to get as close to the real thing as possible to better appreciate it. And if there is one person who is not afraid of a challenge, it’s John Cena.

“It’s excruciating on every level. Don’t quit, that’s the only thing that is in my mind is don’t quit. I’m the most fatigued I have ever been,” Cena said of the training exercises. “I’ve been covered in my own blood, I’ve been stuck in cages, I’ve been put through every object you can imagine, but in a matter of 45 minutes, I’m at zero. I have nothing left, so that says something about everyone who wears these colors.”

“I’m here to learn a little bit of what these men and women go through,” said Cena. “Hopefully, I won’t get the sh*t kicked out of me too bad!”

Watch the video below to see how he does while training with the U.S. Marines at Parris Island, South Carolina:

-WWE superstar takes part in some Marine Corps training.