WATCH: Auburn Police Unmask Anarchists, Kick Ass At White Supremacist Rally



VIDEO: Auburn Protest Video Show Police Doing An Awesome Job

Auburn, Alabama – Auburn PD set an example for police departments across the entire country when they kept the peace between anarchists and white supremacists at a speech by noted racist leader, Richard Spencer (videos of heroes in action below.)

Across the country, but especially in Berkeley, anarchists have been allowed to show up to events while concealing their identities. These events almost always devolve into violence, with the anarchists attacking anybody perceived to be a supporter of President Trump, whether they are or not.

Despite their violent history and obvious ill-intent, police departments have been allowing them to show up and hurt people with explosives, rocks, sticks, and glass bottles. Auburn police, however, wasn’t going to stand idly by as these violent anarchists hurt people.

Auburn police could be seen on video stopping and unmasking anarchists who arrived at Richard Spencer’s speech at Auburn University.

The officers’ actions have left many people wondering if police officers can legally stop and unmask anarchists. You’re damn right they can.

Law enforcement officers have the authority to stop anybody and investigate when it’s reasonable to believed that a crime is about to be committed. Thanks to the anarchists’ extensive recent history of violence wherever they show up, it’s certainly reasonable for law enforcement to believe that they have violent intent.

Officers would be unable to actually arrest the masked anarchists without a criminal violation, but officers can certainly stop, unmask, and identify them so they know who to charge if violence breaks out.

The tactics of Auburn police seemed to work, with only a few scuffles at the event. The anarchists were much less brazen when they weren’t allowed to commit their crimes anonymously.

In one video, you can see officers intervene and start arresting people as soon as violence broke out. In the video, it appears that a wildebeast smuggled some padlocks in a bandanna and used it as a makeshift weapon. In most jurisdictions, that’s a deadly weapon.

Auburn Police Department said that three of the anarchists were arrested for disorderly conduct.

You can see the police in action below: