Most people in the military community know how impressive drill teams can be, and so do most people around the D.C. area. Those around the U.S. Marine Corps know that the Corps Silent Drill Platoon has the ability impress even people without showing any emotion during their performance. They are that disciplined, intense, and impressive. They are no questions about that. However, a vast amount of civilians have never even heard about the active duty pros who makeup the U.S. Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon.

In a time when professional athletes seem to get all the praise, the sacrifice and impressive performance of the ambassadors youngsters at the Corps Silent Drill teams gets lost with only a little or no attention whatsoever. That’s why videos like these are all the more important, because the promotion and recognition to our military is almost instantaneous. So the leathernecks at the Silent Drill Platoon did it again, this time at the Pepsi Center in Denver. Just watch.

-These Marines put on a show