After we published video from Syrian frontlines, where one jihadi from the Islamic State filmed his own death with a helmet cam, we found another similar footage. This time from Africa. It is remarkable footage – taking the viewer into battle with the fighters of al-Shabaab.

The video was was filmed last week by now deceased Thomas Evans. He was British jihadi fighting for al-Shabaab. He was one of the top ranked in his unit, and he filmed this attack in a manner to use it for further propaganda on a website to boast of the jihadists’ latest success. Instead of that, he filmed the last violent moments of his life.

Thomas Evans was among eleven Al-Shabaab militants killed in a failed raid on a Kenyan army camp ten days ago, but video emerged yesterday.

Evans group operated for two and a half years along the Kenyan border with Somalia, al-Shabaab’s base. Last year, his group visited the town of Mpeketoni, where they, according to the witnesses, massacred seventy civilians.

Survivors said that they can never forget the sole white man among the killers. Apparently, it was Evans.

fierce fighting al-shabaab attack on kenyan military camp

“He had a machete and a gun,” recalls Kimothe Ngorgoe, whose son was among those butchered.

“I saw him slice the neck of one of our watchmen. I don’t understand why a British man would come here to kill us,”’

Thomas Evans was unusual among other foreign fighters drawn to al-Shabaab’s cause, only in that he was a Christian convert to Islam who went down a now wearyingly familiar path of radicalisation. It’s estimated that there are fifty jihadis from the United Kingdom among the Al-Shabaab ranks.

The video he shot, which includes a sequence of his unit training in the Kenyan bush, is now being studied by intelligence services in Africa and Europe. Al-Shabaab’s campaign of terror were in many ways overshadowed by the rise of the ISIS, but they are still there and deadly.