Recently, four men decided to order a pizza in the middle of the night. Then they decided that when it arrived, it would be funny to steal the pizza and mug the delivery driver.

The next thing they knew, they were scared out of their minds and on the run. This is a great case of biting off more than you can chew, and you are going to love this story of justice served in 30 minutes or less.

After ordering a late night pizza from an Illinois shop called Beggar’s Pizza, four men decided that when it arrived, they were going to steal the pizza and mug the delivery driver.

It was so late that the owner of the pizza parlor had sent all his drivers home for the night when the last minute call came in. He prepared the pizza hopped in his car and delivered it to the address himself, unaware of the danger looming.

As he approached the front door, three of the men jumped out to attack him, but things went very different than you’d expect.

See, the owner of Beggar’s Pizza just so happens to be former NFL linebacker and current state senator Napoleon Harris. While the thugs were simply no match for the giant, they were able to make off with his wallet.

Not only was the six foot three inch, two hundred and fifty pound, former football pro able to easily fend off their attack, he then gave pursuit, contacting local law enforcement while engaged in the chase.

Harris then forced them into a lumber yard and cornered them, where the police arrived just moments later.

Three of the four suspects were taken into custody on the spot, while a fourth remains at large. The police believe he may have fled to Indiana. Police spokesperson Sean Howard says “We haven’t filed charges yet, but we’re going to.”

There is more to this story than the simple mugging however. When the police recovered their getaway vehicle, they discovered traces of blood in it, and then discovered that the vehicle was stolen. It was registered to a Georgia man named Lester “Roy” Jones. Authorities found Jones dead, victim of an apparent murder.

This may add to the charges of assault and mugging and resisting arrest, with a case of first degree murder, and other serious charges in at least two states.

Pizza shop owner cum superhero Napoleon Harris may have successfully stopped a multi-state crime spree in progress. However, in true hero form, Harris has demonstrated remarkable humbleness about the incident, expressing thankfulness that it was he, and not one of his young employees who took the call. Police spokesperson Howard says, “”[Harris] feels he was better capable of handling this incident than they would have been. They were expecting a scrawny 5-foot-9 guy, and got Harris instead.”

While punks like this usually do not learn lessons from stories like this, it should nevertheless be pointed out that crime does not pay, and you should be careful when considering whether or not to prey on the innocent, because there is always a bigger fish in the sea.

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-They thought it would be funny to steal the pizza and mug the delivery driver. What happened next is karma…