ISIS suicide bomber only blows himself up


This is the terrifying moment a suicide bomber blows himself up just yards from a group of Syrian rebel soldiers. But the ISIS soldier was somewhat unsuccessful in his mission, as he wasn’t close enough to take anyone with him when the bomb went off.

It has sparked comments online such as ‘He needs more practice.’ The footage was shot in Raqqa as the battles for key cities continue.

According to the agency, it reveals an ISIS militants blowing himself near a gathering point for Syrian democratic forces SDF militants in Raqqa countryside during the running operation ‘Wrath of Euphrates’. In the video, soldiers can be seen in front of a building, and they move behind a tank, perhaps after a clear warning of the enemy’s presence.

The man then appears suddenly around the corner, and in a split second, his bomb detonates. But as the smoke clears it becomes obvious that the bomber has not taken anyone with him, and the soldiers are still standing.

The footage was taken and shared on February 14. It has been watched a few thousand times, but those who have commented have been merciless.

One wrote: ‘That split second you jump the corner, press the detonate button while realizing no one is there.’

Another added: ‘Practice makes perfect.’
It comes soon after the Human Rights Watch charity published footage purporting to show evidence of chlorine and toxic gas attacks in Aleppo.

-Ultimate fail once in a time…